"Weirdos" by Kam.io

Let's get weird...


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

4/22/20231 min read

Welcome everyone! Today’s B.O.M.B. Music Review features a short but sweet single from singer Kam.io This was a very enjoyable listen. It has a smooth, soulful vibe with excellent production and dope vocals to back it up. Here's what Kam.io herself had to say about her song:

“I wrote this song back in 2016. When I started first recording music. Been hard on myself ever since. This is not the first time it is released. However, the first time on major platforms. And one of my best works of art!”

- Kam.io

The theme of the song seems to be an anthem of self-expression and inclusivity. Kam.io starts off with the hook:

"Lollipops and rainbows / cool girls in weird clothes/weirdos… fuck with the weirdos…"

Kam.io encourages others to join her and her clique of "weirdos" and get to know them. They're a cool group of people who don't judge others, it seems. She expresses this with the lines:

"You can sit with us, we don't mind / This table's pretty cool, I hope you're not shy…"

Again, this was a great listen. Although, I do wish the song was MUCH longer. Personally, the song is very relatable to me because of my own personality throughout the years. This is a very cool and easygoing tune. I encourage everyone to go take a listen and share it around. Let's keep the magic flowing on this one.

Now time for the ranking! I’m gonna give “Weirdos” 5 out of 5 Diamonds 💎💎💎💎💎

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