True Soundz: Gearin' Up for a Takeover!

Music artist and business mogul Khari X is getting ready to launch a new phase in his underground label.


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

11/21/20232 min read

It's been eight years since Khari X, a North Carolina emcee, founded his independent record label in the small, dreary, and rapscallion-filled town of Roxboro. True Soundz Entertainment, LLC is the name, and pushin’ dope music of their game.

The label has been very successful as far as laying down the foundation for future success goes. Khari spent the last several years meticulously crafting an ironclad blueprint for his empire. It took years to finally get the LLC for the business but it was well worth the wait. To now be known as an official business, Khari took it upon himself to make sure he kept a hyperfocus on his label.

After the business plan was written and revisions were made (more would be made later, as it often goes…), Khari’s first big step would be putting together a team of dedicated hustlers with drive like none have ever seen. Unfortunately, things didn't pan out well, with two artists getting signed and then dropped within a month. By now, Khari had partnered up with Darryl Harvin and they had mutually agreed that other things needed to be worked on before they could continue on with True Soundz. So that's what they did.

As it stands, however, Khari has been cooking up in the studio and receiving some mentorship from Harvin, who happens to be an elite emcee on his own, known as King Grovey on the mic. He's been revisiting old ideas and working hard at transforming them into something new. He's been making connections and putting things together, and it's almost time. He declares that it's almost time for True Soundz Entertainment to really start shining bright as the New Year approaches.

Khari has been thinking of going a different route with the label. He's decided to change the royalty cuts to make it more fair and down-the-middle for the artists and the label. He's redesigned the True Soundz website (currently being built). Furthermore, he's decided to be the label’s star artist, focusing solely on his music career instead of others for the time being. As such, there aren't any plans to sing any more artists. But music submissions are still open and can be sent to

All of these changes will be well-needed adjustments to satisfy the label’s requirements to set up the path to fame and fortune. It's been a long time in the making. True Soundz is ready to spread its wind and show the world what true independence can do. Khari X is set to release his debut mixtape, the second project to be released by the label following his 2019 EP “Teck the Rapper: The EP”. The mixtape will be called “Natural Born Rhymer” and will be Khari’s true introduction to the world of hip-hop. We wish him and True Soundz all the best.

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