"Skinny Girlz" by Kayy Drizz

Kayy Drizz's club anthem for the Skinny Grilz!


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

5/14/20232 min read

Happy Mother’s Day, B.O.M.B Squad! We wish all mothers from all backgrounds a wonderful day full of peace, love, praise, and prosperity. Today’s B.O.M.B Exclusive features Kayy Drizz of New Jersey. They're a club rattler with bops for days. We’ll be taking a look at their single “Skinny Girlz”, sure to get the dance floor rumblin’.

Before we get into the review, a few words from Kayy Drizz themselves:

“Skinny Girlz is such a nostalgic song for me because it was made during the hardest period of my career, right before I went to London for my Debut show.

It all started when I was insecure about my body in 2014. I was visibly underweight, didn’t have the body of those in my age group, and around that time everything was about being “thick”. Even though DJ Problem always gassed me up about having a little something something to work with, I was still hesitant about that. There were so many songs about being “big”, “thick” or having big butts, and Problem had an idea on how to flip it to create body positivity for the girlies who had a small butt. He came up with the concept and told me to record.

At the time I was working off a cracked-up iPhone 4 and really didn’t have the space to record so I recorded from my basement, sent him the vocals, and voila! Skinny Girlz was made. DJ Problem had the vision and honestly, his creative process is so ahead of his time. There has been controversy in the past over the song because people felt as if it was body shaming or excluding other body sizes, when in fact the song is actually including skinnier girls in the whole “big butt” debate.

Problem and I both love and appreciate women for who they are and not for what they are carrying or their body size. It brings us both joy to see not only women, but men dancing to the song, including teachers, employees, celebrities, Athletes, Doctors, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Pets, and content creators using the song for their videos. It’s a worldwide hit that everyone can’t help but to jump up and shake their hips when they hear “Big Butt, got a big butt too!”. Seeing the song do its numbers and going viral over the summer of 2022 was such a milestone not only for Problem and I, but for the Club culture as a whole." - Kayy Drizz

On with the review. The song is very bouncy and to me, sounds a lot like something you’d hear from the late-90s or mid-2000s. It’s got those dubby-type basslines and hard drums to get some rhythm going. The lyrics are catchy, simple, and direct. But they come together to create an anthem for all the Girlz out here looking like Becky with some good hair. No disrespect. Peace, Jersey! There’s not much else to say about this song that Kayy hasn’t said about it themselves. A dope banger for the slim thick chain-hangers.

Time for the ranking! Projects will be reviewed based on sound quality, production, artistic skill, creativity, and originality. I’m gonna give “Skinny Girlz” 4 out of 5 Diamonds. 💎💎💎💎

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