"Party til We Fall" by Young Gstar

Another B.O.M.B Exclusive Music Review giving some attention to Young Gstar's club-banging single.


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

5/8/20231 min read

What’s going on, B.O.M.B Squad? That’s your new name now. Today’s B.O.M.B Review shines some light on Young Gstar, an eclectic and versatile musician who uses his extensive musical range to embody his rebellious virtues, unorthodox philosophies, and free-spirited approach to life.

The self-named ‘TrippyHippie’ utilizes a fusion of psychedelic, alien-like flows and melodic bars that are guaranteed to transport you to strange and unknown lands beyond the scope of your imagination. Behind the smoke, the party anthems, and delinquent antics his music delivers a message of hope.

We’ll be checking out “Party til We Fall”, a hot single from Gstar’s 2023 EP “The Party Pack”, which he will discuss more in his upcoming interview with B.O.M.B Magazine. This is a hyperactive, fun turn-up track. It gets you up and jumpin’ off the walls to every drop of the beat. It’s three minutes of pure dopamine and club rush. I don’t know what “club rush” is, it just seemed like a fitting term for this sound. I think that should be a new thing. All in all, this is a decent listen if you want to kick back and truly party ‘til you fall.

It's that time again. Time for the ranking! Projects will be reviewed based on sound quality, production, artistic skill, creativity, and originality. I’m gonna give “Party til We Fall” 4 out of 5 Diamonds 💎💎💎💎

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