Papoose Named “Head of Hip Hop” at Tunecore

A New Era: Papoose Becomes “Head of Hip-Hop” at Tunecore


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

2/3/20231 min read

In Papoose's new position, he'll be in charge of Tunecore's Artist Ambassador program for Hip-Hop and Rap. He'll be responsible for scouting new and established artists, conducting workshops, and “advising the company on its new launches” and initiatives. Papoose took to Instagram last Tuesday to voice his excitement about his new job.

“Today we announce my transition from artist to executive,” Pap began. “As ‘Head of Hip-Hop’ at the best distributor in the world. Tunecore I’m feeling truly blessed, humbled, & honored by this amazing opportunity. If you’re serious about following your dream. Email me at God is the Greatest!!”

Papoose also explains that he chose to go with Tunecore over the major labels because he wanted to release albums in a year, which he did, but the majors wouldn't let him. Talk about building a catalog. This makes sense considering so many artists are selling their old catalogs (Article on that soon).

“When everyone else slammed their doors in my face I was lucky to discover TuneCore, the only distributor that allowed me to share my music at such a high rate. Giving me this freedom allowed me to make history by becoming the only artist to release an album a month for a whole year, and that helped me gain support from genre giants like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Fabolous, Timbaland, and others.” - Papoose

What do you guys think about all of this? Do you believe Papoose will be able to achieve the goal he's set for himself? I certainly hope so.

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