Way back in 2019, B.O.M.B first started out as just an idea for a small newspaper by Marquis Terrell (Shiloh Ci). It was to be a subscription-based, weekly newspaper that focused primarily on showcasing Black culture and it had a more revolutionary, radical aesthetic to it. Much of the material would be based on the teachings of the Black Panthers. During this time, the newspaper was called "The Scope".

In early 2023, musician and entrepreneur Darryl Harvin,of Asbury Park, New Jersey, signed on as the co-founder of what would become the next and, as of now, final major evolution of "The Scope", now titled "B.O.M.B Magazine". Our new model had the overall image toned down to be more accessible to the public. Much warmer and cozier vibes.

Our endgame for B.O.M.B became to create a major Black-owned platform that not only showcases Black businesses and the uniqueness of Black creatives but also the excellence of the culture as a whole. This is to be a celebration of who we are as people and what we stand for as a race.

It's the bomb, y'all.

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