J. Cole's New Single with a YouTube “type beat”

Your favorite rapper would never.


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

2/4/20213 min read

Surprise releases are a big deal in the music industry. Whether songs or full albums. Hell, nowadays, just a snippet is enough to get panties wet and grown men in their feelings. Fans of some of the biggest artists will always make it a mission to turn any informal release into the news of the year. This seemed to happen to North Carolina artist J. Cole just as this year was getting out of hand.

After the drop, the song was met with a barrage of praise and awe. Fans were taken aback by the reality that someone as big as Cole actually used a then largely unknown producer's beat for a song. And a YouTube producer at that! (No disrespect)

After laying it down, Cole wasn't gonna let some straight-up fire go unnoticed. So, he gave Bvtman permission to share the song with the world as his way of showing appreciation for him and other producers trying to make it, hence the cover art of the text message he sent.

It's always good to see true talent be brought to the forefront of pop culture through people with platforms bigger than theirs. And you know something? A lot of major rappers actually steal their beats. Plenty of A-list rappers have been accused and exposed by smaller creatives for theft of intellectual property, the highest degree of theft there can be. One notable artist was accused of not even writing his own lyrics. We won't say names, we're classy enough, but it rhymes with "Grape"

However, there is one stain on all this celebration: copycats. See, not even a day after Bvtman's big break, haters were already choking on him. People online started to get wind of phony producers taking the "Procrastination" cover art and posting it on their socials, posing as the original producer. Some phonies even went as far as to make mock-up songs with old Cole lyrics with their own shitty beat, to make it seem like a whole new song. Just scandalous.

If you want to hear the real thing. Here it is on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KcTz_hpRNGY

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