"Fresh Out My Casket" by Chaque King

From beyond the grave!


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

3/23/20232 min read

What's good everyone? Peace, Gods and Goddesses. We're back with another B.O.M.B. Review!

We've got another EP, this time. "Fresh Out My Casket" by Hip-Hop artist Chaque King. I'll go ahead and say, this is a DOPE project. The songs are catchy, the production value is top-notch, and the subject matter in the lyrics keeps you hooked. Definitely, a recommended listen from us.

So, first, I actually wanna go into the history of this project because it's pretty interesting, to say the least. Chaque enlisted in the military some time ago and according to him, he was beefing with some other rappers in his area. When Chaque left, there was no warning nor explanation for anyone who really knew him. Because of the drama, people had just figured that maybe he got murdered or ran out of the city. Upon returning home after his service (Appreciate you, bro), he came to find out that other rappers had lied about his whereabouts, telling people that they themselves had kidnapped and killed him.

Yeah. Talk about a backstory.

The EP kicks off immediately with "Whole Life". I like this track a lot. Chaque goes off, showing off his lyrical prowess and ease of flow. The way he delivers his lyrics throughout the EP can go from aggressive to laid-back seamlessly. It's refreshing to hear. The shortest song on the EP but a great opener no less.

The next song, "Slippin' (Oh No)", goes crazy too but has a bit of a darker tone than how we started. Chaque is going off on fraudulent people, aka his "Ops", and basically taunts them throughout the whole song, dropping clever wordplay over a sinister instrumental, giving his enemies a nice, raw dose of reality. Chaque ain’t dead.

Now, that's energy I can get down with. I consider this one of my favorites on this project.

My next personal favorite would have to be "Bo Flex". I swear, it's like each song, Chaque goes even harder. The instrumental is bouncy and guaranteed to get the party jumping. It has a nice vibe and is the perfect warm-up before the last couple of tracks.

Chaque ends the EP off with a final blast to his haters with “Ops Don’t Smile”. He declares he isn’t going anywhere and no one can stop him from elevating.

“That’s why my ops don’t smile… / 'Cause they been dead for a while…”

Fresh Out My Casket is a tale of a supposed dead man walking, who went through tough situations and still made it out on top. This was a dope project to go through, from start to finish, I was hooked.

Now time for the ranking! Projects will be reviewed based on sound quality, production, artistic skill, creativity, and originality. I’m gonna give “Fresh Out My Casket” 4 out of 5 Diamonds 💎💎💎💎

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