"ART" by Queenie Luv

First Music Review on the Site!


Shiloh Ci | B.O.M.B Writer

2/3/20233 min read

B.O.M.B. Magazine only supports the best of the best in the independent/underground music scene. We've spoken with many phenomenal artists throughout the last couple of months and we’ve listened to a lot of great music. In our first official review, we have Carolinas-singer Queenie Luv and her debut EP, "ART". A simple title with a powerful message and even more powerful music to complement it. The EP is full of good vibes and positive messages meant to inspire and uplift.

In "Strange Fruit", Queenie is expressing her pain at witnessing the negative treatment and killing of People of Color. Particularly, the nasty recurring themes seen in media reports about us. It seems like we can't win for losing but Queenie exuberates a champion-like energy, tearing down any opposition to her optimism for the future.

The song kicks off with a very nostalgic aura, warmly welcoming the listener into Queenie's world. Harmonic voices are faintly heard in the background as she swings into the beat with a short message on her gripe with Black people being seen in a negative light in the media.

"Why can't they see they bleed like me?"

This is one line from the song that speaks volumes. How can those who are against us not see that we are the same inside and out?

"And so I wonder, will my son come home? Gotta watch my husband, protect his soul. Remind my daughter 'Black is Beautiful…'"

We have to protect and uplift one another to continue the greatness that is us. These lines are very inspirational, encouraging a full Black household with both parents and the child learning from them. Telling our future generations that we're nothing that the media tells us we are. We are divine.

In the end, Queenie explains that she doesn't want to have to separate from another being, as we are One, and only asks if we could all just get along. Excellent Rodney King reference, I think. If it was.

Queenie continues this soft tone into "Muse" and "Dreamland", my personal favorite. Dreamland's instrumental is like an ocean; calm waves building up to a roaring tidal wave of snares and bass.

"Come and take a ride with me, all on this journey / I'll take you to places you've never seen….come on baby, follow me…"

The themes throughout the song seem to be romance and how it can be compared to being high, as love is a powerful emotion that can cause great shifts in the world. This song features Evanmac and BandMan Gundam. Very talented as well, especially BandMan's closing verse. Great displays of emotion from different artists all synched together into an incredible song.

The final track, "Igfp", is another favorite of mine on this project. It has such a calming and childlike sound to it that's comforting and takes me back to when I was a kid. But the lyrical content (Humorously contrasting with the instrumental) also resonates with me as it would anyone who's been through their fair share of trials and tribulations. Such is life, and Queenie embraces that in this short closer to "ART". Overall, this EP is quite the experience. Great replay value, profound messages, and creative use of sound and emotion. Most definitely something to keep in rotation.

Time for the ranking. Projects will be reviewed based on sound quality, production, artistic skill, creativity, and originality. I'll rank "ART" 5 out of 5 diamonds. 💎💎💎💎💎

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